Tuesday, December 25, 2007


underwear (x3)(parents)
vintage coinpurse (mother)
pilot precise v5 pens (black)(x2)(parents)
mead mini memo notebooks (x3)(parents)
dark chocolate orange (father)
anis nin, house of incest (mother)
radio k coffee mug (father)
box of milk chocolates (father)
jelly bellys, 40 flavor box (parents)
hand job by mike perry (mother)
superbad on dvd (parents)
fur on dvd (parents)
the waitress on dvd (parents)
hairspray on dvd (parents)
the replacements: all over but the shouting (mother)
plastic organizational boxes (mother)
martha stewart collection at michael's (mother)
- light blue portfolio
- large stamp kit
- small stamp kit
- stamp fonts (x2)
- bandana paper
hello kitty pen & paper (mother)
smart wool socks (kathy)
$25 target gift card (mary ellen)
$25 check (kathy)
$20 check (anne marie)
nylon magazine subscription (brother)
teen vogue subscription (mother)
2008 planner (mother)
the gossip, movement (laura)
sugar cookies (laura)
pocketknife (laura)
thimble tote bag (corrie)
floral silk scarf (corrie)
baby's first record (corrie)
ghost on vhs (corrie)
now & then on vhs (corrie)
cigarettes (x2)(corrie)
orange glass jar (corrie)
polaroid film (x2)(taylor)
hello kitty candy (taylor)
playgirl morning workout on vhs (taylor)
christmas record (rob)
handmade ornament (jaime)
scout ornament (jack)
insane coloring book (jack)

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