Thursday, September 06, 2007


all summer long i've been trying to make a list of 100 memorable places i have been. there are a few strict rules i follow while deciding whether or not a location makes it, which i will not go into here.

01 house on 58th and russell
02 lambkin daycare
03 the porch in ohio
04 house on 56th and aldrich
05 alice & vic's house in becker
06 the park in waseca
07 large boat in seattle
08 savers on lake
09 arts high
10 urgent care waiting room
11 alex johnson's car
12 elizabeth belz's house in stillwater
13 the drive up to duluth
14 tim lunning's bedroom
15 lake washington at midnight on 01/01/05
16 extreme noise every saturday 4-8pm
17 house on 16th and 27th with jillian
18 the butthole
19 cheap thrills
20 amazon books for harry potter six release
21 the bike trail by the lightrail
22 apartment on 36th and lake
23 the pocketknife
24 jack's apartment
25 the lotus

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