Wednesday, November 28, 2007


everything i did today
- woke up late
- internetted
- rode in corrie's car to the mall of america
- smoked two cigarettes on the way
- went to urban outfitters, h&m, t-mobile, and old navy
- ate at villa pizza in the food court, took two enzymes
- ate some cookie dough niblets from dairy queen
- left the mall, smoked one cigarette on the way
- cleaned my room half way (didn't finish the clothes)
- got dropped off at mcad
- printed photos of jillian in the dpl from 5-6:30
- met up with jack
- jack & i hung out with jenny in computer support
- went to watch "helvetica", but really just did work on my computer
- walked to jack's, smoked one cigarette on the way
- hung out with jack & jillian
- ate an everything bagel with garden veggie cream cheese, took two enzymes
- drank orange juice
- relived the episode of "intervention" that the three of us watched the night before
- watched a little bit of e! with jack
- got bike, which had been left outside jack & jillian's the night before
- biked home
- said hello to corrie & laura
- hung out for awhile in my room while corrie burned a cd on my computer
- taylor got home & hung out in my room and talked about his scalp problems
- was eventually left alone
- currently thinking about going to take a shower & wash my hair
- will probably fall asleep watching "arrested development"

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