Friday, October 10, 2008


→ hanging out with amalia in the student center listening to the boss, missing monica
→ drinking schlitz at the cc club with ben & whoever we choose as worthy to join us
→ hanging out with the bean (sissy, laura's cat) and feeding her while laura is on tour, missing laura
→ stressing out about making a book for jody williams
→ being a little bit crazy in a way that i am okay with
→ feeling like i am neglecting scout growing mountain because i am not home as much as i am in the summer
→ wearing all black, all the time
→ hardly eating, smoking to compensate

healthy living yeah yeah!

1 comment:

Monica said...

Feels good to be HOME, baby, feels good to be HOOOME.
- Kanye West

Also, I'm sure Scout understands. I mean, I have seen him sit like a human so I'm almost positive he knows what's going on.