Saturday, January 17, 2009


when you search "astrology 2009" and begin to almost type in "virgo", you quickly realize that it is not a common google search because it doesn't show up as one of the first few, but then doesn't even show up at all once you begin typing that "v". this is probably because virgos are not at all interested in predictions for the future. i guess it is the scorpio ascendent coming out in me.

obviously, i am back on the astrology boat, though i never really got off of it.
also i played an intense game of kill/fuck/marry tonight also winter break is nearly over also tomorrow i am supposed to see hannah glusenkamp in what has maybe been a year also i have drank more beer in the past month than i did all of 2008 also our house is the closest to collapsing in on itself it has ever been (minus the 75% gas leak, but that was before i lived here) but it is okay because it is getting foreclosed on sunday the 18th (tomorrow) also we still have what is probably at least another 60 days in this house before we are forced out also i became addicted to diet coke by accident also i am listening to tony orlando right now what has happened to me?

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dchao said...

Lolololol winter silly.

<3 Miss your pretty lil face.