Sunday, April 26, 2009


→ kitten forever is recording for our 7" in 4 days and i still have to write lyrics to three songs, which is terrifying because all i can think about is astrology and then weird fucked up things and also hottiez (not uncommon) and apparently i can't write any songs about any of these things (we already have too many songs about hottiez)
→ i am doing pretty badly in my liberal arts classes because all i care about is making photographs and playing shows and hanging out and probably smoking too many cigarettes
→ i am back on the rum & coke train and man, it is great but also expensive
→ we moved into a new house and i kind of hate not living on 26th and lyndale and having everything be within 1/2 a block of me but also it is probably healthy to have a change like this but i still haven't unpacked and feel crazy because my room is just a clothing wasteland and i have nothing i need readily available
→ waa waa

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jenny. said...

never enough songs about hottiez